Sunday, November 20, 2011


So the other night I had the worst trouble getting to sleep and I took the time instead to do some quality blog hunting and came across a lot of inspiring DIY ones. Here are two ideas from A Pair and A Spare that I'll probabaly end up doing.

Dries Van Noten Inspired Bleaching:  I really loved this look in both the jeans and shirt that surface during fashion weeks. I actually recently purchased a denim shirt from a vintage store here in Bologna covered in a bleached pattern,  but would really like a simple one with just the sleeves bleached. The key will be finding a denim shirt with the perfect light blue wash

Dries Van Noten
DIY version - Learn how to do it here!

Scarf wrist watch strap: So I, like many others have one of those horrible plastic colour Swatch watches that break so easily (mine is currently held together by super glue). I've already bought a lovely watch to replace it for when I get home (to the Swatch watche's credit; it does have glow in the dark hands and is waterproof which has been invaluable when travelling), my new watch has two clock faces and is really beautiful, however I don't won't to ruin it over here in Italy (so much of my jewellery has been broken and lost over here!) Replacing with strap with a silk scarf is such a great idea, considering I was thinking about chucking it out, but now I can salvage it!

Learn how to do it here!

Images via A Pair and A Spare

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