Friday, November 25, 2011

Acca e Emme

Hello :) I would just like to say I'm very excited about all the traffic I've been receiving from around the globe on my blog, even from countries I've never heard of (I'm so sorry Moldova.. I now researched your country, don't worry). I've heard some really nice things from people saying they enjoy reading my blog and so forth, which I really appreciate. Back to business... I'm so keen on the new H&M line! I called H&M the other day to ask if they still had stock from the Versace for H&M line here in Bologna and the man answered the phone and said "Buongiorno Acca e Emme". Amazing, never knew they  actually called H&M Acca e Emme here because I always thought brands were pronounced the same in every language (Acca e Emme = how you pronounce 'H' and 'M in Italian.). Oh and to let you know, I really didn't like the Versace for H&M women's line, but I did buy a top from the men's line...was also tempted on a jumper but decided against it.

I really like the art direction in the new H&M look book, it makes white look so great. I've never really worn white because I feel too innocent or like a P.Diddy party attendee...might change my mind.

Images via il e'tait une fois

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