Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I've never been one for perfume, it seemed a bit superfluous to me... I'm all about the sense of sight. I do, however, have a large collection of perfumes. They range from the overbearing sweet smells to the non-descript pleasant smells; left over from my teeny bopper days of asking my dad to buy me the latest perfume duty-free from his business travels. I haven't asked or bought any since. However a chance encounter in which I received a small sample bottle of Hugo Boss Orange for women has rocked my world. It smells so freaking good - I've never had such an attachment to a scent. I'm planning to buy it duty free when I go back to Australia, but fearing that I won't last that long without it I've been hunting down the cheapest place to buy it. Look, I'm so amazed by the smell - I'm posting about it! One bummer is that the bottle is totally ugly and doesn't fit in with my window sill display dream (when I get my own place; perfumed lined,white window sills in the bathroom with lots of sunlight=pretty colours reflections)

On another note - I've started to replace my fashion blogs with looking at interior blogs. I'm so into it. More of that later x

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