Friday, September 30, 2011


So in realising that my time overseas is shortly coming to an end, I'm beginning to dread the idea of going back to Sydney and study design full time. Not because I don't like design...but its so damn demanding. I feel creatively stressed and pulled in all different directions by university, when all I really want to do is focus on a project. I decided to browse the Behance Network for some inspiration - never did I think I'd be soooo unbelievably inspired. The work by Tania Alvarez from spain is crazy good.. like I mean Double Rainbow good. She's reminded me just how much I love typography and how creative you can get with letters. So thanks Tania, your work is amazing!!

To view more of her work visit her profile on Behance Network.

Good Pants

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Thursday, September 29, 2011


So if you're really into Celine but a bit over seeing her printed pants....and also into skateboarding; this might be just for you! Customised Celine patterned skateboards. Kanye would be so keen. I'm also super excited to see the Kanye West's fashion line.. he's apparently taking it very seriously and has teamed up with Australian stylist Christine Centenera for the line. Woop.

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Personal Style

I can't do the 'Polished Look', as much as I can appreciate it, its just too put together for me, too perfect. I prefer some jagged edges and frayed threads. I think the Italians love it - its got that Italian sensibility.

The Fashionista - An amazing capability to layer and put some 'WOW' factor into your daily outfits. I'm a total fan, although everytime I attempt it - I look like a luneatic. I also think this style totally depends on context - very much viable in New York, maybe not so much in the suburbs of a small city.

Androgyny/Tom Boy - Love it. Simple & edgy. I think it works better when you are tall & slim or with  very white blonde hair....Don't forget amazing shoes though.

More to come...
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Closing Time

 Amazing skirt

 One day you & me, CĂ©line.



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