Monday, August 29, 2011


Lovely? So lovely. Perhaps a bit too overkill... I don't think I'd want my house this barn-yardy. But i definitely love it.

Photos via Honestly...WTF

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I adore Garance Doré

So as it turns out much of the original blogs that I followed on the regular have lost their touch*; some are completely diluted with fashion image after image. I get no sense of opinion, taste or direction; no personality. Endless images of denim shorts, oh you like those Zara black slanted point shoes?, and not to mention the same 'inspirational quote in funky writing'. Others I feel like the audience, including myself, is patronised; no we didn't get invited to NYFW and no we aren't sponsored by American Apparel. I do get that this is how blogs make money, but I've read blogs who are able to still connect to their readers, instead of just showing off, there's an art to it. Which leads me to this - Garance Doré and her amazing blog. She has a life to be jealous but never shows it off; travelling all over the world, Scott Schuman as her partner (The Satorialist), amazing clothes, friends, privileges - yet she appears so genuine on her blog. She confesses little secrets and makes fun of the world she is a part of  - it keeps it real, entertaining and light. Her blog is one of the few I actually read and thoroughly enjoy. So yes - to Garance Doré for keeping it real.

* I am not exempt from similar scrutiny

Photo via The Satorialist

Saturday, August 27, 2011


As much as I go bonkers over clothing - I'm so into interior design at the moment. My housemate and I constantly dream about our future homes. My ideal: huge windows (half moon ones if I'm in an apartment), floorboards, exposed brick feature walls, open plan with uneven floor heights to give a sense of different living areas (forget the technical term), slanted roofs, exposed beams, turkish lanterns in the garden, perfume bottle lined bathroom windows, and if anyone watches Offspring and has an eye for detail, the textured all white wallpaper in Nina's apartment, Eliza and I froth over it (we are design students. Oh gosh - I cannot wait. Obviously I will have to be $$$$$$ to even consider doing this, but one can dream right?

Almost bought this Jil Sander print in a pair of shoes - ah, would have been amazing. Also would of been terrified of wearing them for fear of damaging their loveliness. Actually this may inspire a future post I'll do about me and my fear of ruining lovely clothes, so I don't buy them.

Krka National Park, Croatia

One word: amazing. My favourite thing from my travels so far. It was so beautiful. It was basically a small area of the National Park which had waterfalls you could swim in. The water was crystal blue and it was so nice to have a break from all the salt-water in Croatia. I think the photos speak for themselves.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Via The Satorialist, FaceHunter, Honestly...WTF and They All Hate Us

France Tomorrow

Off to Bordeaux tomorrow and that's it for my planned summer travelling. I think it will have an excellent end  - Paris! Yup, Paris twice in 6 months, I'm a lucky girl! I'm in Bologna at the moment and can I tell you that I'm melting. Yup. Melting. Now some of you in Australia might think that 38-40 degrees isn't THAT hot. Well it is! When there is no beach, public pool, lagoon or puddle near by, no ceiling fans or air-con, no sea breeze or night time southerly that blows away the hot air. NADA. There is no release, even when the sun goes down - the temperature is still in the 30. I have no idea how when I arrived in this city in January it was snowing?! Out of absolute desperation the other night I got up at 1 30 am, got an ice-block and stole all my housemates fans and put them in my room. Yeah, that's about as advanced as Bologna gets for cooling.* I can't handle it any longer, thank gosh I'm leaving tomorrow..

Anyway, here are some photos from Daniel & I's day trip to Venice. Daniel was in charge of the camera, so naturally there about 5 photos to choose from.

* Some stores like Zara have air-con, but most are shut for the summer holidays, so that's convenient.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Ever since I've been reading blogs like Columbine Smille and Elin Kling I've wanted to shop at Acne. After booking Stockholm - I got a little excited about visiting the store. I even converted Daniel when we were in Stockholm.  I also got to buy STYLEBY :)

I went to Stockholm and there was nothing minimal about my spending. In the spirit of Stockholm Fashion Week I went a little crazy at Acne! Hey, when in Rome...(Stockholm).  My purchases were a little more subdued - classic basics that are trans-seasonal so I don't mind spending a bit more.

The warmest and comfiest of  jumpers - like wearing a hug!
A bit of a last minute purchase - I've been looking a wallet like this for so long, more for it's function. It's black, encased by a zipper, the perfect size, and fits all my cards.
I buy jeans so rarely that the last time I bought a pair was January 2011 and that was only because I was confronted by London's Topshop. For me, its really hard to find jeans that fit perfectly, are flattering and I can sit down in! This pair ticked all the boxes - score!

I really wanted these black pumps. I have been searching everywhere for the perfect black pump shoe - and these were it. I liked that they just had that subtle sparkly touch on the heel, but alas - I am not made of money and I had already spent enough. In the end they are only black pumps and I probably wouldnt of worn them for fear of damaging them. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not a Kate Moss Fan

Nor am I crazy for weddings but I really like her wedding cake, flowers (with the brown paper, that's nice)... and look at those cane chairs. AMAZING!