Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Lush of Suburbia.

Oh you know - just wondering why the HELL I have not discovered this photographer sooner? He is also apparently quite well known. The lighting, scenes of suburbia and deep forest lush is exactly what I like in photography... better late than never.

Some of you may have felt those moments, I know I have. Where you are staring into space, during twilight or under moon light.  Whether it be sitting on the bed, on the front balcony, in the street etc. There is something about these photographs that communicates these immersions. The surrealism of feeling such transcendence in suburbia and the juxtaposition of it all.

Upon reading about him a bit more - these photographs are extremely stylised. The interior ones are on entirely constructed sets with huge staff teams. Perhaps that is why I never feature humans in my own work - there is something very staged when you do that. 

I discovered Gregory Crewdson when reading an interview with Lars Von Trier about Melancholia. The interviewer compares stills from the film to some of Crewdson's photography - and I see the resemblance. However to be perfectly honest - I much MUCH prefer stills from Melancholia, I basically worship that film.

Images from all over google, interview with Von Trier here.

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