Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March IMN

The constant demand to be creative at university has meant my want and need to blog about inspiring things has greatly suffered. There is nothing fun about inspiration when it is forced. I went to the Art Gallery of NSW to look for inspiration for a project today, and whilst enjoyable there was the constant nagging feeling that I had work to get on top of.  In an attempt to jot down the things I've encountered recently before their glisten fades under the amount of work I have - I've allowed myself time to do a blog post.

1. Say My Name
An excellent good vibes dancey cover of 'Say My Name' by Destiny's Child that I heard on the radio this morning.

2.  Wud by Alexander Binder et al.

The Dwellings by Ellie Davies

Svart Metal by Grant Willing

This sounds like everything I love about photography in a book. It was featured in Dazed & Confused magazine and they said " if you're... just really into haunting pictures of leaves and bark and moss, Wud is just the ticket". If you have seen any of my photography work, you will know I am definitely into this!  Tangerine Press is doing a limited run of Wud. They are hand bound photography books that feature moody takes on a walk in fictional woods. "It's got all the fun of a spooky and attractive forest-bound nightmare and is as beautifully produced as they come". Yum!

3. 'Green Room' by Kyung Woo Han.

I would love to tell you why I like this installation, but I can't... I don't know why. Maybe it is the clinical-ness versus the floating ethereal aspect that gets me? No idea. Beautiful. Created through paint, clear wire and furniture.

4. Glitch Furniture.

There is some controversy over whether this is real - I really really really hope it is. I loooooveeeeee Glitch Art like no tomorrow. Good Vibrations Storage Unit is a cabinet designed by the architect Ferruccio Laviani to look like a distorted glitch image. I want it, so bad. I can only imagine the price, but it would be worth it.

Images via This Is Colossal and My Modern Met .

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