Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Cue with their excellent silhouettes and quality, not to mention my favourite Australian designer Dion Lee collaborating with them. Here are some of my favourite pieces from their latest look book.

Love this skirt - I wish it came in a different colour though, not really into pastels.

White gem earrings that cuff around the ear - adore! I think if they weren't in white I wouldn't care for them though.

This zip-trench = amazing. And what a great colour too.

There is heaps more amazing images from the look book, so I suggest you check out Cue's website.

Images via Cue

Monday, July 30, 2012

We Have Decided Not To Die

At university they had spoken a lot about a company Collider, which I guess made me not take any interest in looking them up. Maybe one day it just sunk in and I decided to look at their website. I wasn't ready for my complete immersion into dreamy imagery, excellent editing and all round inspire-inducing matter. All of these films I had loved and liked had all along been created by Collider. In the end I lurked their website like I lurked a crush's Myspace back in 2005 until I came across We Have Decided Not To Die - a short film by Daniel Askill that is the summation of everything I want to feel and think and explore in anything creative I've ever made or seen. The indulgence, the transcendence and the unexplainable. You can watch a preview of the short film here. I also read the interview with Daniel Askill on the website which I found really interesting.

Here are some stills from Collider's work including films for Dion Lee, Ksubi, Something Else, ACNE, WIM etc

Images via Collider.com.au and Wehavedecidednottodie.com

Sunday, July 29, 2012

End Game

Just some images I've dragged to my desktop as of late.
Via The New York Times, DARKSHAPES, Lyla & Blu, 5 inches and Up, Minimalism and Models.com

Purity Ring

What I'm currently listening too. Today I went to the Sydney Biennale and really liked the work there. I then came home and caught up on all of the Olympics... I get way into it. Women's weightlifting - who knew I could get so emotional about it? I hope you had a great weekend, I did!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You're Strange

Really into weird collage at the moment. These one's are just that by Ashkan Honarvar in collaboration with photographer Sabrina Theissen for I Love You magazine. Any magazine that features editorials like these is a winner in my books.

Via Honestly...WTF


A little tailored fashion inspo. Just because I'm broke doesn't mean I can't lust. Images via They All Hate Us, Scotch & Soda via Honestly WTF, and Texurism tumblr.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

He Said He'd Come Back For My Brains

Tonight I am going to go to a burlesque show called 'Harry Potter and the Curse of the Tassel Twirl'. yup yup, it's happening. ha.

To most people this would seem trivial but I am so pleased after creating this 'Ni' ligature. (yes I still need to tweak it)

Crazy inspiring work by Lotta Nieminen. Such strong consideration of aesthetics in typography, packaging, paper stocks and colour schemes. I'm now going to race off and ink up some type!

I have been wanting a pair of Vans for a while - really like these ones. I wish the middle ones came with white laces though!

Perfect in layers: grey.

And because it is Sunday that mean it is Domenica Musica. I've been so into John Talabot at the moment, really love his stuff - which I find surprising as I don't really listen to that kind of genre. Here is one of his older tracks that I like. (PS still cranking that Drive soundtrack like there is no tomorrow)

Images by September Industry, A Well Traveled Woman, Love Aesthetics.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Let It Enfold You

"I try to be an intuitive artist and flow with the stream of life, so I abandon the developed forms as soon as I notice their mismatch to my new experiences. Recently I am interested in the parallelism of the different realities, which are available simultaneously for certain events. For instance, in one "layer" we have well-known and established experiences, that are often outdated or irrelevant to the vibrant life. Next layer put on them the living thoughts and feelings that lead to new, more freely actions. I feel that this tension between the realities may be an interesting starting point for artistic and social studies.
Context of space. Presented object belongs to something bigger, that determines or expresses it. Simultaneously, art form engages it in a specific game of illusion. Something belongs to the world of matter, most often a sensual element, like hair or flowers, and something is already a sign of belonging to a larger, undefined space."

By Jarek Puczel

Beneath the flourishes of adjectives, the concept described above is really interesting...

Images via Lyla & Blu, Models.com, Jak&Jil, For the Love of Type and Facebook.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In the Suburb's Eye

"At times it is easier to regard the past as something that happened to someone else, like a girl in a novel or a film. At other times it’s too difficult to pretend" - The Road is Home

I'm obsessed with suspension and levitation in photography so naturally I love these photos by David Nemcsik via My Modern Met.