Monday, July 30, 2012

We Have Decided Not To Die

At university they had spoken a lot about a company Collider, which I guess made me not take any interest in looking them up. Maybe one day it just sunk in and I decided to look at their website. I wasn't ready for my complete immersion into dreamy imagery, excellent editing and all round inspire-inducing matter. All of these films I had loved and liked had all along been created by Collider. In the end I lurked their website like I lurked a crush's Myspace back in 2005 until I came across We Have Decided Not To Die - a short film by Daniel Askill that is the summation of everything I want to feel and think and explore in anything creative I've ever made or seen. The indulgence, the transcendence and the unexplainable. You can watch a preview of the short film here. I also read the interview with Daniel Askill on the website which I found really interesting.

Here are some stills from Collider's work including films for Dion Lee, Ksubi, Something Else, ACNE, WIM etc

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