Monday, April 30, 2012


Birthday goodness (sorry for the crappy photos)

Here's a little glimpse into a select few things I got for my birthday (didn't really feel like photographing my new knickers haha). The Ksubi jumper I got is my dream knit. It's asymmetrical and has slits up the front that give a peek into what top you're wearing. I am actually contemplating getting it in the navy colour as well because it is such a staple piece whilst still being quirky. This little selection actually makes me out to be a lot more girly than I am...ohwell, I am embracing it!

 Plus this bad it!

Shocking Images via me.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


DOMENICA MUSICA! Just ask my friend Beck, I love this song.

SO good.


Today is my birthday, happy birthday to me :) Last night I was so happy to have my nearest and dearest with me for a couple of drinks (give or take a few) and today I got spoilt rotten by my family. Photos to come. In the mean time here are some links and images of a few things that have made me smile or inspired me...

Heavenly shots of drag racing?... no for real, beautiful!

Baby elephant on the beach :)

I'm excited to see this one, for fans of Australian cinema.

It was a big one!
Images via A Well Traveled Woman, Jak&Jil, Convoy, DARKSHAPES, My Modern Met, Lyla & Blue and

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ocean's Bloom

Was just painting when I took a break and looked at a few of my favourite blogs and came across this; paintings by Tobias Tovera so  inspiring, their depth is magnificent. I think they are quite large too - they would turn any ordinary wall into something amazing.

Images via Tobias Tovera


I had a really hopeless morning of trying to design, so 'to get out of the house' I went shopping and was much more successful in this domain. Will post some pictures soon :) In the meantime, I am loving these editorials.

The Sleepwalker by Facundo Garay

Below is Fiori Bellissimi by Ted Emmons


Images via Ben Trovato.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Type on My Mind

^^^ Can I just say - perfection on so many different levels.

I'm trying to design myself a logo and it is honestly killing me.. I just want it to be amazing, and so far everything I've done is not! I swear the name I've chosen for my 'design company' has the ugliest letters to put together.

Images via The Distillery and Lyla & Blu


Exactly what you need on this beautiful day. Happy ANZAC Day, Lest We Forget.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Wish I Had Heaps of $

How long has this bag been out, and I still love it... this or a CĂ©line.

Images via cutupmycreditcard.tumblr, afterDRK, theyallhateus and Alexander Wange Facebook.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I had a really nice day today, despite being a bit sick. I went out to lunch with a friend to Bread & Circus which was really yum and healthy, and not to mention the cacti everywhere and other odd sorts. It is a place with lots of character without the pretentiousness (there were mothers with their young children, workers on their lunch break etc). I then drove home in the really heavy rain - which for some reason I love. I find it somewhat exhilarating and feel the normal angry/rat race vibes of driving on main roads change into this sort of communal feeling where everyone (almost) slows down and aren't mean drivers anymore haha. I also love driving through the huge puddles and all the water spurts out from the side of your car and you think your car might just float!

I then watch an episode of Girls at my friends house, it is this new television serious which is quite funny in its honesty and quirk (it also had one of the most awkward sex scenes I have ever seen and I am truly disturbed)!

Finally I came home to find my edition of the Incu magazine in then mail and then went to make myself a tea and read a book next to the window with all the rain.

PS. Remember how I loved this necklace and wanted to know where it was from? Well its bracelet version is pictured and I found both on Etsy!

Image via

Monday, April 16, 2012