Tuesday, October 30, 2012

If I Were A Boy

If I were a boy (with a large sum of disposable income): I would definitley shop at Hickorees.com. I wish they had an equivalent for girls (do they?) This store sells the finest pieces of attire and home-wares I have ever seen.  I actually still might order some bits and bobs because everything is great - those socks!

Possibly the most beautiful jumper I have ever seen - oh and for a mere $660+ dollars

Images via http://www.hickorees.com

Friday, October 26, 2012

October: Inspiring Me Now

To be honest, I wasn't that inspired during October. I think I was still living off inspiration from September because I actually produced a lot of my own work. Some photographs, letterpress business cards, posters, lead-light bags, you name it. I'll let you know when they are all photographed and uploaded to my online portfolio. Enjoy your weekend. x

1. Artworks With More
A friend recently told me that whilst at university she created a major project based around an elderly lady that she cared for at her work. The lady had dementia and started to forget her family and only remembered my friend, her carer. The two grew a strong bond until the lady passed away at the age of 91. My friend's major work had 91 paintings based on this lady for the number of years that she lived. Relating the logistics of an artwork to actually represent something gives the work a lot more meaning.

The artist Matthew Brandt has taken photographs of lakes and reservoirs and then soaked each image in the water of the respective lake or resevoir that is pictured in the photograph. The images become even more interesting when you realise that consideration is even put into the type of water they were altered in. In the end, the water takes ownership of its own beauty.

American Lake WA

Nacimiento Lake CA

Lake Union WA

Skinner Reservoir CA

2. 'Love Fade' - Tamaryn
I find this song perfect to just hand out to. I love designing to it too - its got this sense of progressions whilst being chilled out - sets the pace!

Tamaryn "Love Fade" from Mexican Summer on Vimeo.

3. Alpha60's New Collection
As soon as I get paid/am on holidays I am racing into Alpha60 and going crazy. The photographs don't do it justice and there is so much more cool things in store. I had a little peak last week and had to run out of the shop because I started getting too excited and I only had 10 minutes to look. I will return, prepared.

Images via Arpeggia and Alpha60 Facebook

Monday, October 22, 2012

Photography Submission

Im currently designing my portfolio for a university project and have been looking into some weird and beautiful design... PS I should get more granite in my life!

This is my favourite above.

Above images via James Kape, Carl Kleiner, Facebook, and Designspiration.com

I also entered the Monster Children Photography exhibition because it was free for students. I actually don't know anything about photography and I didn't really understand the requirements of the competition because I entered it late at night...haha. Ohwell, here are my submissions (I have no idea if you could alter the photo or not. If not - I'm screwed)

 All of these above images were taken by myself.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Comfortably Crazy

I really like the gradual turn in fashion to just be crazy. Beautiful silhouettes and luxe fabrics will always be around - so its nice to have fun sometimes isnt it? (FYI My mum just walked into my room with a big red kimono jacket and said 'Do you want it?' could not of had better timing mum, yes I want it!) I've already envisioned it with jeans and Chuck Taylors. Yes I still live at home - I'm a uni student still, leave me alone :(

I love this final look... I've actually saved it to my computer and I don't normally do that with street style pictures because they are so fleeting. There is something about this image, not what she's wearing it but how she is wearing it. You don't really know why she put those elements together. It is quirky, doesn't take it self too seriously and most importantly, she looks so confident and comfortable. I really admire that.

PS Christian Dior killing it - sorry I'm a bit late on this. Maybe I've been out of the runway's loop but when did Dior get so cool?

Adore this look - eye make-up included.

Images via The Satorialist, STREET FSN, Honestly...WTF and Vogue.com

Friday, October 12, 2012

This is How It Feels

Who hasn't wanted to smash a stem of Lilies into a thousand pieces like a fine piece of china? I know I have. Jon Shireman is doing just that by soaking fresh flowers into Liquid Nitrogen for 30 minutes before smashing them. The results are very cool and particularly interesting when you compare before and after. For all those typography people out there, wouldn't you just love to then 'smash' some amazing type over the top of these photographs? I know I do :)

P.S Have a lovely weekend.

Some of Jon Shireman's other work.

Images via Jon Shireman's Flickr