Sunday, October 14, 2012

Comfortably Crazy

I really like the gradual turn in fashion to just be crazy. Beautiful silhouettes and luxe fabrics will always be around - so its nice to have fun sometimes isnt it? (FYI My mum just walked into my room with a big red kimono jacket and said 'Do you want it?' could not of had better timing mum, yes I want it!) I've already envisioned it with jeans and Chuck Taylors. Yes I still live at home - I'm a uni student still, leave me alone :(

I love this final look... I've actually saved it to my computer and I don't normally do that with street style pictures because they are so fleeting. There is something about this image, not what she's wearing it but how she is wearing it. You don't really know why she put those elements together. It is quirky, doesn't take it self too seriously and most importantly, she looks so confident and comfortable. I really admire that.

PS Christian Dior killing it - sorry I'm a bit late on this. Maybe I've been out of the runway's loop but when did Dior get so cool?

Adore this look - eye make-up included.

Images via The Satorialist, STREET FSN, Honestly...WTF and

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