Sunday, September 30, 2012


Fashionistas pose near a homeless man outside Rag & Bone show for NYFW

Wow, I don't know about you...but this image is like a big reality slap in the face. 

Via the lovely Alessandra at Dacre Park

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Just thought I'd share some things I've stumbled upon recently.

No words for how good this editorial is taken by Jason Kim for BlackBook Oct/Nov 2012 issue 94.

Models: Jenna Earle and Alena Blohm
Thanks to Cecelia for pointing this one out to me. 
I can't go past a huge bejewelled cow-nose ring these days. ha

Beautiful work by the Dutch artist Anne Ten Donkelaar. These meticulous 3D collages use pressed wildflowers, dried stems and paper cut outs to make some crazy compositions. I would love one of these to put up on a white washed wall in my future home!

Images via Trendland and Honestly...WTF

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

FSN Indulgence

One of the simplest and best outfits TMR has ever worn.

I really want these sunnies by Rag & Bone but they are sold out everywhere grrr!

Images via Chanel Bags and Cigarette Drags & afterDRK

Monday, September 24, 2012

Coastal Walk

Did the Bondi to Bronte walk today. Can cross that one off my bucket list, have been meaning to do it for ages. It was a lovely sunny day and the water was crystal clear, except I am beyond tired now. We ended up going a little further towards Waverly Cemetary, the most beautiful cemetary I've ever seen, right next to the ocean. Not even the Père Lachaise in Paris can top it!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Just a look at some of my favourite photographers that Stills Gallery showcases.

1. Petrina Hicks
Wonderful weirdness by Petrina Hicks from various series & exhibitions.

2. Narelle Autio
Autio is probably my favourite Australian photographer. Mainly because of her series "The Place In Between". There is a certain escapism through her work, whilst being completely voyeuristic. All photographs here have been taken from her 'Water Hole' series.

3. Robyn Stacey
Previously unfamiliar with Stacey's work, I'm enjoying the unusual still life.

Images via Petrina & Stills Gallery

Friday, September 21, 2012

September: Inspiring Me Now

I've decided that for every month I will be doing a post called Inspiring Me Now or IMN to share what I have currently been loving over a range of different platforms - from quotes, photographs and art, to events, music and the like. It will be different from my normal blog posts (obviously everything I post somehow resonates or inspires me) because these posts will be a little more curated, a little more inspiration (to the point where maybe I'd rather keep some items to myself - but I'll try not to be selfish like that) & with a little more about why I like particular things and their background info.

1. Because Everyone Likes A Barron Landscape

Lee Jung's neon lighting/landscape photographs. I have actually never got the whole 'neon lighting' trend and why people like it so much. My love for neon lighting has just been limited to the Hopscotch logo until now. Lee Jung's "glowing letters are very publicly juxtaposed against a natural environment. The viewer’s perception comes in to play with each photograph, as we project visions of the sender, the recipient, and the kinds of love or heartache that are taking place behind the words. Each viewer is bound to have a unique interaction with the messages based on personal life experiences."

There is something haunting about a neon glow in uninhabited and desolate spaces. The messages are broken and if I were to go all deep about it, it would be something along the lines of 'unspoken words, lingering thoughts, emotional abandonment' and all those fun things. Cheer to the pretty photographs though Jung!

2. A Typeface for Lawyers

'Miller' typeface, particularly in Italic, is what I am currently digging. My solutio n to a legible, profession serif with enough personality, (cause I don't like Garamond - it's true).

3. I'm The Ghost In The Back of Your Head

Spanish Sahara by Foals - This song came out in 2010, except I rediscovered it last night on a late night train ride through the city when it came on Shuffle. This song is such a soundscape and builds up so beautifully. It really set me into a trance and found it really inspiring. The music video is also really powerful except for the whole dragging of animal corpse parts, which quite frankly stressed me out and left a sour taste in my mouth. Song along; brilliant. Makes me want to go be all creative & stuff. ha

4. Say It Like You Mean It

Typography, as always, in all its weird fruitions from computer-based to hand-generated. I recently can not stop using the photocopier to alter my typography, I love the semi-present nature of it.

Killian Loddo
Icograda- Mark Gowing Design
FIN- photocopy type experimentations by myself
Jessica Hische
5. Art In Unusual Places

At the moment Sydney is holding Art & About: Art in unusual places. Last night saw the Art Gallery of NSW open its doors late for special exhibitions, there were designer markets, street food stalls & bars, as well as Martin Place turned into a free open-air concert. I managed to catch the last few bands at Martin Place and it was really great & fun! I managed to see Van She, a bit of The Bamboos, Jingle Jangle DJs and these guys: Rufus. A totally surprise. They were really really good live, so much energy, build-ups and break-downs - even an epic two man drum solo! I actually would pay to see them live again. Kind of reminded me when I saw SBTRK & Sampha open for Friendly Fires in Amsterdam early last year and I had no idea who they were back then, but they were crazy good live, and now they're killing it!

6. Girl Crush

Louise Grinberg, what a babe. I just finished watching 17 Filles (17 Girls) which is a dreamy French film based on a true story about a group of 17 year old girls who intentionally get pregnant together. There is a lot of critique surrounding vagueness of the film and its 'hollow' portrayal of a serious issue. Whatever. This film is beautiful - cinematography, script, actors, set-design, everything. Think Sophia Coppola and The Virgin Suicides, stone cold foxes and the still point of the turning world. Part of the film's charm is definitely because of Louise Grinberg who plays the lead character Camille; the instigator of the pregnant pact that you can't help but envy despite her round belly, tragic delusions and desperate desire to be wanted. If you are into your foreign cinema, I definitely recommend this one. You know how sometimes subtitles are a thorn in the side when you just want to relax - I didn't even realise I was reading the subtitles - it was all too memorising.

Images and quotes via MyModernMet,, Art & About Sydney, and It's Nice That