Friday, September 7, 2012

Lucky Star

(skip the beginning - its a pretty shocking video)

Spending today locked inside studying for my French exam, luckily I have big windows letting all the light stream in. I finished watching Two Hands this morning, an Australian film from the 90s with Rose Byrne and Heath Ledger. It was...very Australian, but I liked it. The soundtrack had Alex Lloyd on it and this song just brings the 90s flooding back in, damn those days were good! (20 something and already dreaming of the good ol' days.)

Members of Wardens' Women's Auxiliary making for the scene of an incident - 1943

By Dmitriy Ivanhov

Eduardo Mata Icaza - Stream of Inspiration, mixed media, 2012

Images via Lyla & Blu, Capture the Castle, A well Traveled Woman, Texurism and Arpeggia.

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