Friday, November 25, 2011

Venice Biennale

I learnt about the Venice Biennale in high school, so in a weird way it was on my bucket list to go! I couldn't have chosen a worse day to go, weather wise. The weather man lied, it was not sunny! It was a day that was so foggy, that by the afternoon I swear a Death Eater was going to swoop out from the fog and swallow me whole. So cold! The exhibitions were interesting, kooky, confronting and sometimes so horrific I had to walk out. Here's a peak.

A quick snap from the German Pavillion which scared me too much to stay inside. It was basically set up like a church but felt really satanic inside and I'm too much of a pansy to stay around long enough to figure out the point of it. However, this was no where near as terrifying as the Swiss pavilion which I found similar to that of a maze of hell; I got lost inside and could not figure out how to escape. However I entirely appreciated the artist's point of view and feel like we should be confronted with such imagery on a more regular basis. I've been too scared to explore his website properly for fear of seeing the same imagery again, but if you're interested: look here. It was just basically about our obsession with popular culture when there is the most horrific things happening to humanity elsewhere.

The Venice Pavilion, my favourite...suitably exploring concepts of water.

 The USA pavilion; where a man running on a treadmill every hour would rotate the tank.

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