Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gold Shoes of Glory

So, I am so devastated with the whole enrolment process. For some reason it didn't let me enrol in one of my design mandatory subjects that was 6 credit points. I sent off what they call an 'e-request' to get it sorted. I just got a reply stating that they had replaced my 6 credit points with a 12 credit point subject and I was to un-enrol from my elective to do this mandatory subject. Sounds simple right? Wrong. My heart broke at reading the words - I have to un-enrol from my French Language elective, I am devasted. Italian is great, but ever since highschool I've wanted to do French except a series of unfortunate events has prevented me from learning it...and the tale continues.

I was just on Garance Doré's blog and she had uploaded a photo of a woman from Paris, nothing special..but still lovely. I really really want to move there and learn French, so I guess I'll find a way!

On another note, I love Garance but I'm not a huge fan of her fashion sense. However, in this image she is wearing the gold shoes from Zara that I keep staring at, I can't make up my mind on whether I like them or not! However I really like how Garance has teamed it up with a fairly masculine coat. I can see myself wearing a winter coat, tight black/dark jeans and then POP, my gold shoes of glory. I might have to visit Zara and try them on. I've only got a whole 9 week left (yikes) to stock up on that bad boy.

Image via The Satorialist

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