Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Visualising Research

Getting rid of this hellish project tomorrow...yesss! These are just a few print screens, I'll photograph and edit some proper images later and post them up on my portfolio!

Everything by yours truly.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Late Night Mix

Because I've been way too self indulgent in recent posts...

Posters by Boris Bućan

Generative drawings by Eno Henze

Because I love 'dem trees...
Tree series by Myou Ho Lee

All images via Convoy Tumblr and butdoesitfloat.com and 


I think I've spent over 10 hours on these today... bleughhh. I think they are all finished except 'the arm one' which I think needs the direction of the shadow altered.

Images by Alyssa Anaimugan. Thanks to my model phil :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Oriental Mysticism

I am still working on these bad boys. There are obvious differences between the lighting and colouring of the figure and background that prevents them from being merged seamlessly. Hopefully with a bit more tweaking they will look better. All images by Alyssa Anaimugan (all the locations were taken in Japan).

Augmented Reality

Taken at Clovelly.

All images by Alyssa Anaimugan.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


In the coming week or two I will be refining these and adding some floating people in them :)

by meeee

Friday, May 3, 2013


By Alyssa Anaimugan


Edits/experiments - visual process. Nothing final.

All images by Alyssa Anaimugan

April IMN

Belated, but not by much. 

1. Lore

A German/Australian film set during and after WWII. I watched this on the plane home from Japan. I don't think the airplane screen did it justice - I might watch it again in a HD. This film was extraordinarly beautiful - shot in lush German countryside. It tells the story of young Lore and her siblings who must trek across Germany to their grandmother's house for refuge. The heavy subject matter, which I would normally find extremely grim, was made vivid by great cinematography and acting from the young Saskia Rosendahl (Lore).  I could feel the Australian drama influence from the honest and heartbreaking depictions of life that I love so much from things like Love My Way and Candy.

Originally thinking these images were the result of Photoshop filters and photography -  I was surprised to find out they are all painted portraits. Love it!

3. Kim Boske

I deliberated in my mind for ages whether I should or should not of bought a book featuring Kim Boske's photography in Harajuku, Tokyo. I ended up going back to the store and buying it. I am really glad - it is so beautiful and exactly the type of photography I love. Weird, weird nature. All photographs in my book are printed in large format on great paper stock!

I returned from Japan a couple of days ago - when I have time to edit, I will post some photos from my travels. Enjoy your weekend :)