Sunday, November 20, 2011


So because Italy has taught me that there is a way around everything if you're an annoying little brat, no really, I used to be horrified initially at what people would do here to get their way, brutal! Yet effective... Anyway I managed to be able to enrol into French at my university! Thanks to my new pestering technique and not settling for  vagueness! I also mentioned to my family how I was thinking about saving up and returning back to Europe at the end of my degree to go study in a language school in France. They thought it was a great idea but perhaps would infringe on my graduate job there's talk of me going next November for a couple of months in between university years...yikes. I'm pretty damn excited!

I just watched The Kids Are Allright... damn I totally have a thing Mark Ruffalo, especially when he was younger! Here's just some miscellaneous, pretty imagery.

Images via Style By Kling, They All Hate Us and unknown.

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