Monday, September 3, 2012

Love On Top

As much as I like a clean, well put together look... there has to be some quirk. Loving these outfits.

A clean white with a textured skirt.

too much is too good!

   Dem soxxx boy! (next weekend's project: *tie-dyeing white sport socks*)

A sexy as hell dress with that masculine biker vest, perfect PERFECT combo. Let's be sexy, but lets look like a bad-ass doing it.

A good belt.

My favourite thing to do is wear a really casual outfit but with crazy shoes..or the opposite, a really dressy outfit but then wear converse.

Images via Nobody Knows Marc, afterDRK, Jak & Jil, and Columbine Smille


  1. You know I like the clean look but Columbine has me convinced... Do my worker boots count as edgy?! ;-) Nice work A xx

  2. how good does she look!?
    and of course they do!