Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I had a really nice day today, despite being a bit sick. I went out to lunch with a friend to Bread & Circus which was really yum and healthy, and not to mention the cacti everywhere and other odd sorts. It is a place with lots of character without the pretentiousness (there were mothers with their young children, workers on their lunch break etc). I then drove home in the really heavy rain - which for some reason I love. I find it somewhat exhilarating and feel the normal angry/rat race vibes of driving on main roads change into this sort of communal feeling where everyone (almost) slows down and aren't mean drivers anymore haha. I also love driving through the huge puddles and all the water spurts out from the side of your car and you think your car might just float!

I then watch an episode of Girls at my friends house, it is this new television serious which is quite funny in its honesty and quirk (it also had one of the most awkward sex scenes I have ever seen and I am truly disturbed)!

Finally I came home to find my edition of the Incu magazine in then mail and then went to make myself a tea and read a book next to the window with all the rain.

PS. Remember how I loved this necklace and wanted to know where it was from? Well its bracelet version is pictured and I found both on Etsy!

Image via andyheart.com

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