Saturday, June 18, 2011

Found Out

So I came across this image whilst surfing the internet, found this photo a bit surreal. Initially the photographer took the photo and then was pushed back by police and didn't get a chance to check his shots. He didn't know if they were kissing or injured. It wasn't till later when he was able to check his camera that he realised they were kissing but he didn't know if they were also injured or just oblivious. Now more information has leaked...

"When the Vancouver Canucks lost in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, it sent their home city into tumult. Riots broke out, leaving buildings destroyed, cars burned and people injured. But, out of the chaos, photojournalist Rich Lam was able to capture a truly unique image, one that has blown up far beyond what this veteran shooter could have imagined, on the web and in the news.

Mashable reports that the couple in the photo is 29-year-old Scott Jones from Perth, Australia, and Alexandra Thomas, from Vancouver.

Jones’s father, Brett, told The Star: “She had actually been injured… She had been knocked down by a shield… He lay down next to her to comfort her. She was crying and he just kissed her to calm her down.”"

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