Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Soooooo Sad

So, while I was on a train to Rimini for a wonderful day at the beach I realised that my jade bangle wasn't on my wrist anymore. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am ALWAYS wearing that bangle. I love it to bits and have been wearing it since before I was a teenager... I actually have a slight dent in my arm where it sits (sat). When I realised it was missing I basically freaked out. I must have lost it at a pool party I went to the previous week, which is odd because the bangle actually can't come off my wrist unless you pull really hard, though I was in water and this would have made it easier. I went back to the pool to ask if they had seen it but I guess it's gone. I would actually go up to the person who has my bangle and say 'I will give you my iPhone for that bangle', but I don't know who has it :( So now I'm on the hunt for something new to grace my wrist...or ear...or neck. Pretty much an excuse to go looking at accessories, a rebound accessory I guess you could say. . .

 Love this.... really love this.

Looooove this bracelet by Iosselliani, the same brand as my skull ring. I love the turquoise, and love the horse heads. 

I used to layer watches all the time, mainly because I was a dork and it would remind me to give people their watches back.

The problem is that all these seem really superficial (oh, the irony of a material object itself) compared to my bangle :( x 1000.

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