Monday, June 13, 2011


Remember how I posted a picture of Whitney Port with the top of her ear pierced and said I was considering getting it done.... well I got it done today! I was so scared. I had told my housemate that I was going to get it done this week, I had to, even though I was so scared. 20 minutes later and her nose piercing falls out and she can't get it back in, which meant she had to go to the piercers here in Bologna to put it back in for her, which meant it was now or never for me to get my ear done. So I sat on the back of her bike while she pedalled there, which was quite a fun/scary experience. We got there and a bit of her bike tore a hole in my favourite jeans but I was too nervous about my approaching doom to be phased by it. I got it done in the end, was not nearly as painful as I thought it was going to be, it was a bit wierd being told all the health risks and methods in Italian, but in the end it was fine. Then it decided to pour with rain and we had to bike home in the rain, we got drenched, and her bike pulled another hole in my jeans. So all in all I got 3 piercings today, 2 in my jeans, one in my ear. Best. PS def looking into buying that piercing pictured now!

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