Friday, June 10, 2011

I love WHITE!

I've always hated the colour white, never worn it (except for my year 12 formal..oddly enough?). So except for one occasion I've never worn white. I still hate wearing white, I fee like a P. Diddy Party Attendee (patented), however I loooove white accessories at the moment.  I'm currently sitting here typing wearing a white watch, white shoes and white nail polish. I think the key for me is wearing it with black or dark colours too, don't want to go and look like an angel now do I...

In a couple of posts ago I blogged a photo of a pair of shoes that I said were the 'perfect flats'. Little did I know that they were just from Zara and I saw them today in the store. I really need to hone down my spending, but they are so amazing I had to try them on...oh nooo I'm going to buy these. But aha! They were THE most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn. So glad. I really need to save for holidays.

In the flesh...

With all that said and done.... I ended up buying these much cheaper shoes. They are much more travel appropriate and I love them! Plus they are white, forget colour pop, it's all about the white pop now.

On another note; here is a really old photo of a pair of shoes I would of died for. They had fruits all over them, I couldn't take a proper photo because I got told off straight after I took this one... grr!

On the topic of fruits. Whilst staying here in Italy I've had the insightful experience of seeing so many poorly written English slogan T-shirts. Where you know the person who has written them uses English as a second language. You would think that if you were going to put something on a top, you would check it was translated properly first. However, this top is just plain odd:

Oh.. okay....

(Could you tell I just Synced my iPhone to my computer?)

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