Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It has been a month of epiphanies here in Bologna. Let me share with you;

1) We went to order some crêpes one Saturday evening and there are hundreds of choices, nutella crêpes, lemon and sugar crêpes etc, some have photos of what they look like. There was a 'tutti frutti crêpe' which showed a picture of a crêpe covered in all different kinds of fruits. Then I realised... 'tutti frutti' means 'all fruits' in Italian... all fruits!!! That's why when you go to the dentist and ask for tutti frutti flavoured toothpaste... it tastes fruity!!

2) My housemate calls me while she's out to dinner and exclaims 'Tiramisu!'. I replied 'Uh yes...Tiramisu?', 'No...Tiramisu! Tira-mi-su...Pick-me-up. Tiramisu means pick-me-up in Italian because of the coffee in it'. Amazing, no?

3) We all decided to watch 'In Bruges' since having gone there last month. We put the subtitles on in Italian and it turns out that the word 'nano' in Italian means 'dwarf' hence why a small iPod is called an iPod Nano!

Ah... the small pleasures in life.

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