Saturday, November 20, 2010

Was it Just Me?

I always thought that 'MARCS' was by Marc Jacobs, along with MARCS Baby doll. It wasn't until two months or so ago, I made a new drunk friend in a bar and she told me she worked for MARCS and that in fact it wasn't by Marc Jacobs. Oh my! My tweenhood has been falsified, from around the age 13-14 I thought I was sporting some legit designer wear - apparently not. It's pretty funny, serves me right! Something about the price should have given it away, but I honestly haven't been into a MARCS store since I was probably 15. About two days I walked past the MARCS shop on Oxford street and a man was speaking to his friend saying 'But it's not even Marc Jacobs?!' Haha, I guess I'm not the only one whose shocked!

MARCS non e' Marc Jacobs.

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