Saturday, November 20, 2010

Martin de Thurah

Martin de Thurah is a director genius! I've always loved his work, and he shares the same birthday as me, twinnies! Hailing from Denmark, Martin has is more famously known for his 'What Else is There?' film clip for Royksopp, however he has also done music clips for Mew, Kanye West, Fever Ray, The Futureheads, The Editors and so on. He's made his own movies, done advertisments and more, but my favourite work by Martin is his Ad for IKEA, so so lovely! (PS you should at least glimpse these video clips, just to get an idea!)

It's so honest and so beautifully captured in the cinematography!

I think what I love most about Martin de Thurah is his use of slow motion to create this idea of suspension, his use of water, but most of all, each frame of the videos he creates is photograph-worthy. In saying this I mean that you could use any stills from his work, and treat it like a photograph, everything is so well considered.

This video clip for Carpark North - 'Human' takes a relatively poppy song and makes it something beautiful.

And finally, what made me fall in love with Martin's work - 'What Else is There?'  by Royksopp. 

Martin de Thurah

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