Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Really great film, photography & music can sometimes give me a feeling - it's absolutely surreal. Can't explain it. Hope the photographs/stills help.

Film, musica e fotografia che è buon

So lusssh! Tim Walker

2 Days in Paris - fav movie!

Anything by Martin De Thurah is a treat. Love his direction in 'What Else is There?' by Royksopp. Might do a post dedicated to him later. 

This is an album cover (forget the name of the band) I really the floating aspect of it though, very lovely.

Love My Way - favourite TV series.  This is such a great moment in the series, it's not a very well known show, so it was hard to get a pic!

Marie Antoinette

Narelle Autio

Love suspension in art, love Sam Taylor-Wood

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  1. Wow loved that clip 'What Else is There?', defs do that post!