Tuesday, November 23, 2010

COFA Graduate Exhibition.

My cousin graduated from COFA and had her work displayed in Carriage Works along with all the other COFA graduates. She is very talented :) The work on show was amazing, it's truly inspiring to see what young Sydney has to offer in terms of art. It also makes me completely panicked as I will have to come up with a major work when I finish my Visual Communications degree. Oh well, here are some shameful photos I took on my iPhone. (Better than nothing eh?)

 My cousin's photography work, photo doesn't do it justice! She also had a video that accompanied it. Its about illusions with water and was very trippy!
My favourite work from the night. It was photographs of urban desolate places, and then a body would be just floating/falling from the sky in the photograph. I always love suspension in art, so loved this!

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