Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes Scare Me (for the most part)

On the whole, I dislike Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I get the craze, they are a bit different, not generic at all, and not too pricey. However...they are chunky as hell. Beyond chunky. They kinda remind me of childhood scary stories, I just imagine the crazy doll that comes to life and kills you in the middle of the night with the kitchen knife...is wearing Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I don't know, I can tollerate, almost like some, but I hate the Lita's. Everyone seems to like them? They are way too bottom heavy (& by bottom, I mean where the toes are, not the heel), they almost look grotesquely disproportionate. I don't think they're a faux pas, so don't worry I won't think any less of you if I see you wearing them (haha, conceited much?), but JC's are not for me!

Penso che le scarpe di Jeffrey Campbell siano brutte, non mi piacciono!
The famous Lita's.

Don't mind these ones.
Nor these ones.

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