Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Even If I Spent 2004.

Technology is blurring your reality, perception and memory, and a constant reminder of what was or what you were.

"If all our past activities, transgressions or not, are always present, how can we disentangle ourselves from them in our thinking and decision making."

"But because of digital technology, society's ability to forget has become suspended, replaced by perfect memory."

- V. Mayer -Schonberger, Delete p.4-5

Technology's ability to censor.
Escapism through Technology

Distortion through technology

 I said aloud: ‘I don’t want to miss anything.’ 
And then misery came rushing back like a river that has been dammed up. I tried to open my heart to it, to welcome it as a part of my life’s experience, and at first that made it easier to bear. Then it got worse than ever before - it was physical as well as mental, my heart and ribs and shoulders and chest, even my arms, ached.” 
- I Capture the Castle.

On a Side Note:
I work in a place (I am forbidden to mention where I work on social media - sozzy) where the soundtrack largely consists of Beach House, Fleet Foxes, Frances Gall,and Miles Davies - so when this bad boy came on the playlist today I had to double take the company's iPod. It is actually the most hilarious song to hear when you are in quasi serious environment, I have no idea how it made the cut. When my coworker reminded me of how much time I still had before I got to leave, she apologised and played this song to cheer me up. Give it a whirl, amazing. Maybe play it when you feel like crap, ultimate remedy.

Images via Rusty Break and Not Shaking the Grass.

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