Saturday, April 7, 2012


So DIY's are great and obviously rewarding...right??? I have no idea. I have not done anything DIY in so long. However since I am not swimming in moolah at the moment and I rediscovered a childhood Egyptian beading kit, I was like 'bingo' I'm going to make my own jewellery (because I am desperate for some new stuff). Then when I stumbled upon afterDRK blog this morning, I was blown away by the DIY's Sabrina had up. They weren't corny or looked like they would come apart after one wearing - actual things I would wear.

Which of the jeans above do you prefer? One is Isabel Marant, one is DIY.

How good are the DIY pair ^^^^

How good is the DIY jacket skirt versus the ACNE one??!

How have I never caught on to afterDRK? I mean obviously I've come across it heaps, but I've never thought it was worth bookmarking. I am a changed woman! I think I actually might try her tutorial on DIY tie-dye pants?

Find the tutorial for the DIY pants here and the DIY denim jacket skirt here.

Images via afterDRK!

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