Saturday, July 21, 2012

He Said He'd Come Back For My Brains

Tonight I am going to go to a burlesque show called 'Harry Potter and the Curse of the Tassel Twirl'. yup yup, it's happening. ha.

To most people this would seem trivial but I am so pleased after creating this 'Ni' ligature. (yes I still need to tweak it)

Crazy inspiring work by Lotta Nieminen. Such strong consideration of aesthetics in typography, packaging, paper stocks and colour schemes. I'm now going to race off and ink up some type!

I have been wanting a pair of Vans for a while - really like these ones. I wish the middle ones came with white laces though!

Perfect in layers: grey.

And because it is Sunday that mean it is Domenica Musica. I've been so into John Talabot at the moment, really love his stuff - which I find surprising as I don't really listen to that kind of genre. Here is one of his older tracks that I like. (PS still cranking that Drive soundtrack like there is no tomorrow)

Images by September Industry, A Well Traveled Woman, Love Aesthetics.

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