Friday, August 26, 2011

France Tomorrow

Off to Bordeaux tomorrow and that's it for my planned summer travelling. I think it will have an excellent end  - Paris! Yup, Paris twice in 6 months, I'm a lucky girl! I'm in Bologna at the moment and can I tell you that I'm melting. Yup. Melting. Now some of you in Australia might think that 38-40 degrees isn't THAT hot. Well it is! When there is no beach, public pool, lagoon or puddle near by, no ceiling fans or air-con, no sea breeze or night time southerly that blows away the hot air. NADA. There is no release, even when the sun goes down - the temperature is still in the 30. I have no idea how when I arrived in this city in January it was snowing?! Out of absolute desperation the other night I got up at 1 30 am, got an ice-block and stole all my housemates fans and put them in my room. Yeah, that's about as advanced as Bologna gets for cooling.* I can't handle it any longer, thank gosh I'm leaving tomorrow..

Anyway, here are some photos from Daniel & I's day trip to Venice. Daniel was in charge of the camera, so naturally there about 5 photos to choose from.

* Some stores like Zara have air-con, but most are shut for the summer holidays, so that's convenient.

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