Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Ever since I've been reading blogs like Columbine Smille and Elin Kling I've wanted to shop at Acne. After booking Stockholm - I got a little excited about visiting the store. I even converted Daniel when we were in Stockholm.  I also got to buy STYLEBY :)

I went to Stockholm and there was nothing minimal about my spending. In the spirit of Stockholm Fashion Week I went a little crazy at Acne! Hey, when in Rome...(Stockholm).  My purchases were a little more subdued - classic basics that are trans-seasonal so I don't mind spending a bit more.

The warmest and comfiest of  jumpers - like wearing a hug!
A bit of a last minute purchase - I've been looking a wallet like this for so long, more for it's function. It's black, encased by a zipper, the perfect size, and fits all my cards.
I buy jeans so rarely that the last time I bought a pair was January 2011 and that was only because I was confronted by London's Topshop. For me, its really hard to find jeans that fit perfectly, are flattering and I can sit down in! This pair ticked all the boxes - score!

I really wanted these black pumps. I have been searching everywhere for the perfect black pump shoe - and these were it. I liked that they just had that subtle sparkly touch on the heel, but alas - I am not made of money and I had already spent enough. In the end they are only black pumps and I probably wouldnt of worn them for fear of damaging them. 

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