Sunday, August 28, 2011

I adore Garance Doré

So as it turns out much of the original blogs that I followed on the regular have lost their touch*; some are completely diluted with fashion image after image. I get no sense of opinion, taste or direction; no personality. Endless images of denim shorts, oh you like those Zara black slanted point shoes?, and not to mention the same 'inspirational quote in funky writing'. Others I feel like the audience, including myself, is patronised; no we didn't get invited to NYFW and no we aren't sponsored by American Apparel. I do get that this is how blogs make money, but I've read blogs who are able to still connect to their readers, instead of just showing off, there's an art to it. Which leads me to this - Garance Doré and her amazing blog. She has a life to be jealous but never shows it off; travelling all over the world, Scott Schuman as her partner (The Satorialist), amazing clothes, friends, privileges - yet she appears so genuine on her blog. She confesses little secrets and makes fun of the world she is a part of  - it keeps it real, entertaining and light. Her blog is one of the few I actually read and thoroughly enjoy. So yes - to Garance Doré for keeping it real.

* I am not exempt from similar scrutiny

Photo via The Satorialist

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