Saturday, August 27, 2011


As much as I go bonkers over clothing - I'm so into interior design at the moment. My housemate and I constantly dream about our future homes. My ideal: huge windows (half moon ones if I'm in an apartment), floorboards, exposed brick feature walls, open plan with uneven floor heights to give a sense of different living areas (forget the technical term), slanted roofs, exposed beams, turkish lanterns in the garden, perfume bottle lined bathroom windows, and if anyone watches Offspring and has an eye for detail, the textured all white wallpaper in Nina's apartment, Eliza and I froth over it (we are design students. Oh gosh - I cannot wait. Obviously I will have to be $$$$$$ to even consider doing this, but one can dream right?

Almost bought this Jil Sander print in a pair of shoes - ah, would have been amazing. Also would of been terrified of wearing them for fear of damaging their loveliness. Actually this may inspire a future post I'll do about me and my fear of ruining lovely clothes, so I don't buy them.

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