Thursday, September 29, 2011

Personal Style

I can't do the 'Polished Look', as much as I can appreciate it, its just too put together for me, too perfect. I prefer some jagged edges and frayed threads. I think the Italians love it - its got that Italian sensibility.

The Fashionista - An amazing capability to layer and put some 'WOW' factor into your daily outfits. I'm a total fan, although everytime I attempt it - I look like a luneatic. I also think this style totally depends on context - very much viable in New York, maybe not so much in the suburbs of a small city.

Androgyny/Tom Boy - Love it. Simple & edgy. I think it works better when you are tall & slim or with  very white blonde hair....Don't forget amazing shoes though.

More to come...
Via Style By Kling, Glamorai & Man Repeller

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