Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Rolling Stones Day

Why? Because I said so. It's too hot to go outside, so I'm dancing around my room in my undies, listening to The Rolling Stones and packing for my summer travels! My dad boarded his flight about 5 hours ago and will be in Bologna around midday tomorrow (yes, it takes around 24 hrs + to get to Italy from Australia). Then we're off to Florence>Pisa>Naples>Pompeii>Rome. After that I'm meeting Daniel in Rome and then going to Prague>Vienna>Berlin>Stockholm>Dubrovnik>Split>Hvar>Bordeaux>
Lyon> Paris. I'mmmm beyonnnndddd excited to go back to Paris. That place owns my soul! I'm also particularly excited about Stockholm.
Anyway! Here are some photos from Arcade Fire in Milano as promised. To be honest we had a pretty awful day in Milano but then Arcade Fire made it all worth it. I've probably done Milan inside out now so we thought we'd just walk around and browse shops and cafes, but it was ridiculously hot that we basically were just tired and wanted a shower. Then when it came to dinner time, no where was open and we ate the most random meal we put together from ingredients we bought at an organic grocer. We went to go eat it in a park, we were pleased to be surrounded by greenery, in the shade, surrounded by cute dogs....and MOSQUITOS. Man they ate us alive. The concert was in the same park and for the whole of the 2 support acts we just got bitten and bitten, never so bad in my life. At one point my friend had 3 mosquitos on her face! Everyone was whacking their legs, shaking their limbs, anything in an attempt to be rid of the pests. I couldn't wait for Arcade Fire to come on stage so I could pretend my frantic moves trying to keep the mosquitos off me, were actually dance moves to the music. I took some videos of the band, but it was hard because every time I put my arm up to film about 10 mosquitoes flew onto my arm (so yes the shakiness is my half dancing/shaking my arm rid of mosquitos) !!

The music:
Surprisingly Cloud Control, an Australian band, was the first support and they were really great! It was comforting to hear some Australian accents on the loud speaker. They were followed by White Lies, who I'm not really familiar with but I had heard a few of their songs. They were good I guess? I didn't really like the singer's voice.. kind of Nickleback-ish (sorry!) Arcade Fire came on with the opener 'Ready to Start' and it was.... pure brilliance. Absoloutely amazing. The show had so much energy and I soon forgot how bummed I was that I wasn't seeing The National and instead signed up to be eaten alive. Arcade Fire played 'No Cars Go' too, which is my favourite. Although, like for my friend in Warsaw, they didn't play 'Suburban War' and I was very disappointed. That song is so lovely and I really think it would of been magical live. Whatever, the show was great, amazing live band.

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