Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Hogwarts always has a place for you"

May or may not have shed a tear (only one, I promise) watching the speeches given by the actors and J.K Rowling at the last Harry Potter movie premiere. So sad, it's like the end of my childhood. So glad I was born in Harry Potter prime time, it's my version of my mum saying she saw man walk on the moon on television, yes that's how much Harry Potter means to me. Now lets look at the outfits!
Looking very tanned Malfoy

I love her to bits but maybe Oscar de la Renta + tulle + floor length gown was a bit too much for a movie premiere? She looked lovely though. Nah feck it, I love it, she could wear a muumuu & I'd love it.

 Oh patel, you saucy minx... I don't like it.
 J.K you are so lovely, but this dress isn't. In the words of my wise housemate "It looks like a doona (duvet) cover!"

love her.
SO Neville keeps getting better looking by the moment.
Luna Lovegood looks a tad bit like a sluz, but I'll forgive her.

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