Saturday, July 9, 2011

Under My Thumb

Last post for a while! I'll blog every so often but it won't be frequently, I hope you all enjoy your Summer, and your Winter for my homeboys in Aus-town, miss you!! Seriously going Rolling Stones crazy. Every song is so perfect as a Summer fun song. Jumpin' Jack Flash & Under my thumb are getting me in the mood for Summer travels (L). P.S I do '(L)' a lot, and it's an oldskool habit I can't kick. If you type that on MSN Messenger it comes up with a love heart symbol. I just take it for granted that everyone knows what I mean when I type it. 

 I'm loving two toned everything at the moment, hair, bags, shoes, PANTS!
 I wan't cut out wedges, I'm not a HUGE fan of these c shoes, but I do like the cut out heel.
 Love Mexican Day of the Dead skulls

The PERFECT cut for denim shorts, not too short, not tight and look great with a belt, I think the secret is  a low drop crutch.

Probably my favourite combination in the world, belted dress with hardcore boots.

You know how I feel about this Prada skirt.

Via glamorai, theyallhateus, garance dore

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