Sunday, July 3, 2011

Failed Housewives

I've noticed a lot of blogs do a section where they post amazing recipes and baked goods that they make, so why not join the bandwagon right? Alessandra (a friend from Australia who lives in Bologna too) and I planned to make some amazing cookies to eat on a balmy summer evening. We researched on the internet for some bad ass peanut butter and chocolate cookies and decided we'd put our own spin on things and add condensed milk, chocolate peanut m&ms and other various delicious things. 
There's no way they could turn out wrong with these ingrediants right? Wrong.
First off, we both discovered as we were mixing ingrediants that we both suck at baking, in fact I find it ridculously stressful and almost always stuff it up. 
The mixture was looking amazing, smelling fantastic; "There is no way these will taste bad, even if they don't turn out as cookies, they're going to be amazing, we just can't burn them"
So we set the timer at 10 minutes, even though the recipe recommends 15, just so we can be extra careful and check on them.
Oh not all is lost, our second batch wasn't burnt.
After tasting some of our 'fresh outta the oven produce': "Dude they're not even that nice. ... ... We suck!!". 
So we licked our wounds, chucked out the burnt batch and then plated up the crap-tasting ones for our housemates, who actually liked them? They had cooled down.. and we liked them too, but the amount of butter and sugar and peanut butter and condensed milk and chocolate in them, meant that one bite was so sickly it rendered us with instant stomach aches. Then we watched Black Swan, which psychologically damaged us, to the point where I worked up a sweat from stress (it was also 33 degrees). All in all a top night. 

So the moral of the story...I'm not going to be a blog that does baked goods.

The End.

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  1. Awww... Major reminiscing on bad times that were also so good x