Saturday, January 7, 2012


 I really like this hat 'stand'...

 Coolest shower curtain!

 So good.

Got in around 8 30 pm last night. I think it feels good to be back, so far. Reality hasn't kicked in, I'm still doing the major task of unpacking. I forgot just how big my wardrobe contents is here...and then with how much I bought abroad on top; I'm ashamed. It is SO excessive I have too too much. I'm going to have to have a market stall and sell heaps of my old things because the quantity of clothing I have is a joke! 

I have to pay back my dad some money for things I put on a credit card and I was just working out how much I paid for the Acne jeans I bought from Stockholm in Australian dollars. They were an absoloute STEAL, soooo muchhhh cheaper than in the rest of Europe/Australia. I'm kicking myself, I should of bought another pair (oh? guess this mindset explains my excessive wardrobe). I love them so much*

It is so good being reunited with my dogs! I missed them so much, I don't think one of them recognised me, but the other two did (yes, I have three). 

I'm going to get back to unpacking & job-hunting!! 


* May or May not have put my Acne jeans in my handbag because if my luggage got lost, at least I had my Acne jeans...haaa

Images via A Cup Of Jo and Dosnoventa

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