Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm currently searching to replace my current optical glasses (I HATE them, the were the worst purchase ever, just so many functional faults, but they look alright). Anyway, I am looking for the perfect glasses. I'm a bit stuck though because I want to find a pair that hold a balance between character, but not so much that all you see when you look at me is quirky glasses, they can't be too powerful. I mean, I would totally go for those kind of glasses if I only had to wear them when reading or something like that, but I wear mine constantly and I don't want to be defined by my glasses character, I don't want them to overshadow my face, or restrict outfit choices (I.E. if I bought bright coloured glasses that could clash with clothing). Right now I'm looking at dark plastic frames that are slightly quirky, but not hipster because I want my glasses to last through trends! I'm also am thinking about, yet to try, just simple glasses that actually are very minimal, possibly clear plastic or even metal frames... I don't know. It could be very difficult!! Yeah.. i'm getting deep here.

In other news in determining my own personal style, I threw a really chic, long (boyfriend) white blazer with black lapels over a hoodie with casual, sporty shorts on underneath, combined with red wedges... and I looked in the mirror and was like.... I think this outfit is me to a T.  Really really relaxed (lazy) with one or two items that I frivolously put on in an attempt not to look too casual. I'm unapologetic in admitting that I'm lazy with dressing, but I get away with it most times because I'm good at disguising it. My secret is wearing a jacket, great shoes and earrings!

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