Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Full Denim Jacket

I unintentionally live in my denim jacket and I did not even realise it until people started saying that they think of me when they wear a denim jacket - which I think is kind of cool/sweet? Mine is a silly one I bought years ago on sale for $20 dollars - whoop! I'm about to go out (when I wrote this post) and my denim jacket is in the wash and I don't know what to do with myself - what do I wear now?!!? A denim jacket is great because it dresses down a flashy outfit when travelling to your destination and you feel a bit too bling, it's street-chic, its got a collar so you can pop it to feel fly (lolz), you can slap denim in a bit of nightclub grime and not worry about it cause denim is quite durable and looks great with a bit of wear and tear, its also neutral coloured so it works well with patterns. I could keep going...

So here's to you, my ultimate basic, my lover, my friend - the denim jacket.

Images via Lyla & Blu, Google, They All Hate Us & Pinterest

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