Monday, November 5, 2012

Do it!

I don't do the petition thing normally but this is something that is really unjust: I just signed this petition to ban live export in Australia - the stories are really freaking horrific. All you do is sign - that is it! They send you one email afterwards and then you can opt out from any other communication!

Recently in Pakistan the company that imported Australian sheep stated they were diseased - (even though tests revealed they were not) and they were slaughtered with blunt knives, chased down and bull-dozed into mass graves screaming and writhing - completely fucked up and inhuman. PLEASE SIGN HERE. The pictures are horrible. If you can handle looking - go for it, but I just covered the screen with my hand and signed to the right. 

Even if you don't really care (how the hell not?) - do it for me :)

PS if you are wondering why you landed up at this post when you were looking for 'stockings under jeans',  I tagged this post at that so more traffic would come here. The number one Google'd entry for people who arrive at my blog is 'stockings under jeans' (weird - i know). Look how I'm clever like dat ;)

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