Monday, November 26, 2012

November: Inspiring Me Now

I'm going to put it out there, this IMN is very self indulgent, and was mainly done just to remind myself of these things...

1. Other States of Been.
Light projection photography. The concept of being somewhere but projected elsewhere. I've been thinking about this a lot of as a concept. How your body can be physically somewhere, but your mind can be else where...

2. Technological Errors.
I'm still into art and design that uses effects that would normally be considered errors but have been done in a way to celebrate these imperfections or explores their possibilities. With particular reference to faulty display screens (computers, televisions) and unsteady photocopying. Also sometimes emulating these errors by using Bitmaps in Photoshop. I think this is my natural artistic progression from being obsessed with human errors in art (leaving the pencil outline under paint,  ink smudges etc). I liked the reminder of the humanistic touch - which I now find kind of overly poetic and too romantic. Now its technology and its effect on our perception or reality, for better or worse.

3. Quote of the moment:
"There was so much that was real that was not real at all".
This one's more for me...

4. Unusual portraiture stances or formations.
This is a vague one...but I'm into the personal nature of portraiture, but unconventional ones that have a quality of voyeurism or an element of detachment. The odd combination of being personal, but not at all. (okay some of these aren't portraits, but you understand!)

'A Path Between Rice Fields' by Makoto Aida

Painting by Miaz Brothers

by Bruno Dayan
Gellage by Michal Macku

Images via DARKSHAPES tumblr, but does it float? and Arpeggia Tumblr


  1. A Path Between Rice Fields (!!!)

    Also assume you've read ...?

    1. I have not!! I am very intrigued though, looks right up my alley. I will definitely check it out, thanks!