Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All Your Forms

I've got that lightness of relaxation, like when you wake up from a nap in the park or finish a really good book - or listen to a really good album. The perfect holiday feeling. Already going through leisurely pleasures that I denied myself when I was knee deep in university work. Have spent the day shopping and returned home to read The Beach (which I am loving). I also got stuck into watching half of The Tree of Life - I could see why people would dislike it, but I don't so far. I've taken a time out and will continue the second half another day. I am so tired at the moment and feel like I would appreciate it more if I felt a little more awake.

I've updated my online portfolio with newer works, or better photographs (it actually took forever). I've reopened and updated my Loop account (I'm wary of being too available online, I won't be reopening my Twitter account any time soon) I am also wanting to start a personal project these holidays (I will be designing the creative story I wrote for my HSC English exam a wee 5 years ago) and want to re-code my portfolio with my new found html & CSS skills.

Keeping busy. Keeping inspired.

Images via texurism.tumblr, The Satorialist, and Sass & Bide blog.

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