Tuesday, December 27, 2011

E' Funzione

Such amazing denim in the middle with the dots, does anyone know where they are from? I think possibly Acne..which I wouldn't be surprised as I love Acne. I almost bought another pair of Odessa Kex Jeans in Paris just because I love them so much and am scared they will break because I wear them too too much! Hands-down best purchase of my materialistic life - Acne should be paying me for this plug!

I keep thinking about wanting a tattoo, it is in the back of my mind but I still have not come across anything I like enough to put on my body permanetly. I used to want a small one behind my ear, then one on my shoulder/shoulder blade, now I kind of like this more discrete one on the underside of the arm. Just have to find a design I like/means enough to me!

Images via honestly...wtf, theyallhateus and convoy

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