Friday, December 2, 2011

You can get addicted to a certain kinda sadness

I think this is such a fine piece of design work...I couldn't find a credit for the design, but the photographer is Graham Dunn. I wish I could display it in a bigger form  (go look at the original here). I absolutely love that through the chaos of the type it actually echoes the shape of the girl on the opposite page. Such a great stark contrast, and so simple. LOVE.

I've decided to start to cut back on the quantity of which I post, and while I do love posting... the imagery is superficial and fleeting. From now on I'll be more focused on conceptualising and contextualising in all matters of design...however I will only post things that resonate for me, rather than simple eye-candy.

I know its not 'Domenica Musica', but lets me honest, I'm shambles with that. Here's a beautiful song by an Australian band that recently broke up, which was a very premature move if you ask me. Divertirti!

Image via Ben Trovato

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